NOUS 5 - The Panic Issue

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Image of NOUS 5 - The Panic Issue

The fifth issue of NOUS explores how panic is part of our lives and how we can be more open-minded towards otherness and others.

The year started with blind panic: politically and socially, and we wonder how these different sorts of extreme fear and hysteria are created.

Can we link those feelings to increasing mental difficulties many have to face? What can we learn, and how can we understand the world around us from recent and historical observations?

Once again NOUS 5 features essays, poetry, short stories and more accompanied by photographic features, illustration.

printed in Manchester; May 2015; 500 copies; p. 156; 147 x 210 mm; includes DIN A4 poster by Ezra Zubairu, postcard by Stephanie Vivier, and stickers; riso-printed in gold, pink, and black

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